Recipe by
Chef Michelle Palazzo


200g Cream
200g Milk
400g H2o
375g Plugrà® European Style Butter
16g Salt
16g Sugar
450g AP
750g Whole Eggs

Craquelin Topping

100g Sugar
100g Plugrà® European Style Butter
130g Flour
35g Strawberry Powder

Rhubarb Compote

500g Rhubarb, trimmed and cut into small 5" chunks
135g Sugar
35g Plugrà® European Style Butter
Pinch Salt
Splash Vanilla

Pastry Cream Base

946g Milk
225g Sugar
50g Cornstarch
2 Eggs
4 Egg Yolks
3 Sheets bloomed gelatin
3g Salt
50g Plugrà® European Style Butter
10g Vanilla bean extract

Butter Strawberry Glaze

85g Melted Plugrà® European Style Butter
390g Powdered Sugar
60g Strawberry Puree, strained
2g Fine Sea Salt

Candied Rhubarb Decor

Slices (length wise) Rhubarb
Dip Simple syrup
Choux Melt cream, milk, water, Plugrà® European Style Butter, salt and sugar. Once melted and mixed together. Add flour, cook until a ball forms. Cook for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and using a mixer with a paddle attachment, mix on low till bowl is cool to the touch. Once cooled, start adding your eggs 1 at a time. Chill dough. Pipe With 807 tip 4” straight lines Bake off at 375 low fan, till bottom is browned. Choux should have a hard crack shell.
Craquelin Topping Mix together. Roll out in between parchment paper as thin as possible. Chill Cut 1”by 4” strips 
Rhubarb Compote Heat rhubarb and sugar on a stove top, cook till thicken and rich pink color forms. Mount with butter. Finish with salt and vanilla.
Pastry Cream Base Heat milk and half sugar. Bloom gelatin in cold water and ring out. Mix eggs, cornstarch and sugar together. Temper in warm milk. Cook till thickened. Add gelatin. Strain. Dot in Plugrà® European Style Butter. Add vanilla bean extract once cooled.
Butter Strawberry Glaze Whisk all together, then strain.
Candied Rhubarb Decor Using a vegetable peeler, cut slices of rhubarb length wise. Dip in a simple syrup, place it between two silk pants. Dehydrate in a low oven,150F till crispy.
To Assemble Gently warm glaze. Fill eclair with rhubarb compote ¼ of the way. Finish with thicken pastry cream. Dip eclair in warm glaze. Top with fresh glazed strawberries. -Finish with candied rhubarb.