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Stuffed Shrimp with Garlic Butter

Smith & Wollensky is known for their signature cocktails. Their fantastic “Maestro” matches the power of Maestro Dobel Tequila with a touch of sweet and sour. This interesting concoction is a nice complement to the Stuffed Shrimp with Garlic Butter. If you prefer a straight from the bottle, no mixing required option, a glass of Sonoma Valley Chardonnay will pair nicely, too.

Bone-in Spice Rub Rib Eye with Butter Bone Marrow and a Tabbouleh Salad GarnishChef King likes the balance of a red wine for the Long Bone Rib Eye. At Smith & Wollensky, their Private Reserve Meritage pairs nicely with their steaks and is produced by their wine partner Girard in Napa Valley.

Coconut Cake

A delightful way to complete the dining experience would be to pair the Coconut Cake with a sparkling wine made with both Moscato and Prosecco grapes. On the warmer side, Smith & Wollensky offers a wonderful cup of traditional coffee. Start with whole beans and grind them yourself just before serving.

The décor and ambiance at Smith & Wollensky varies from inside to out. Inside you’ll find the traditional steakhouse feel with a modern twist. This approach is taken a bit farther when you step outside to the waterfront outdoor dining area. The modern feel makes any visit to Smith & Wollensky memorable.Colors are the key to finding the delicate balance between these two designs. Look for items of dark wood and then incorporate pops of color in specific places. Start with rich, deep colors for napkins or flowers for the tables. Simple white tablecloths allow anything placed on the table to speak for itself. If you opt out of a tablecloth, try placemats with a texture and rich color.The traditional feel comes out when you play with touches of brass throughout the restaurant, like candlesticks or small décor items.

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