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Salmon Croquettes

The classic Mojito is definitely a Miami standard. The cool citrus flavor is the ideal way to offset the hot guava butter sauce of the salmon croquettes. Classic Rum Mojito Recipe courtesy of

Yucca-Crusted Red Snapper

Sparkling wine is a great complement to the Red Snapper dish. Chef Dewey recommends that you go for a true Florida-inspired pairing Lychee wine.Native to southern China, the Lychee fruit was brought to Florida in 1883. The warm humid summers and cool winters in Florida provide prime conditions for its growth and production. Check out Schnebly Winery, located in the Redlands area in Florida.

Apple Mango Crisp

A Prosecco (the Italian version of champagne) is a great pairing for the dessert. Its floral-fruity flavor notes serving as the perfect complement to the rich Apple Mango Crisp.

To walk into The Forge is to be transported to a whimsical wonderland. Chef Dewey takes cues from his environment as he creates his menus and recipes. What better way to enjoy this dinner with your friends than to recreate the ambiance for yourself. Here are a few tips:- Simplicity rules. Your table setting needs to be limited to the essentials—crisp white napkins, white dinner plates, serving utensils and simple glassware and wine glasses.- Offset the simplicity of the place setting with elements of nature. The Forge juxtaposes treelike table legs under clear glass or solid deep-wood-grained tabletops with over-the-top chandeliers and mirrors. Ready to try this at home?- To add in the woodsy feeling, utilize wood tile or driftwood placements.

– For a centerpiece, take a cue from The Board Room at The Forge—choose a tall clear glass vase or vases and fill with organic twisted branches available at your local hobby or craft store. It will provide a big impact at a low cost.