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Butter Tasting

Chef Paquette feels the balance of sugar and acidity of a dry Riesling pairs wonderfully with the butter tasting. A nice fizzy, sparkling wine also suits it.

Sriracha Honey Butter Rutabaga

A nice Gewürztraminer from Alsace, France, marries with the rutabaga well and complements the duck entree, too. Don’t be fooled– this wine is normally dry, but can smell very sweet.

Duck Breast with Ginger Grits and Sweet Potato Guava Sauce

A fantastic pairing for the duck breast course is a full-bodied Zinfindel. The fruitiness of the wine balances with the crisp duck breast.

The idea behind the décor and ambiance at Etch is straightforward and simple so the food can be the star. This style is also considered to be the ultimate sophistication. Ways that you can bring this look into your home for your Culinary Exchange Gourmet Club dinner are fairly easy.- Less is more. Don’t crowd the table and dining area with a lot of decorations, flowers or furniture. Keep the tablescape simple and use pieces that will be functional as well as decorative. Etch uses simple succulent plants on the tabletops to add a pop of color.- Minimal color. Numerous different colors and designs will make the space look busy. Stick to a single color or color theme for all the décor you use. Add textures on the pieces you use to create contrast and interest.- Balance is key. Create a layout that is even. If there is a pattern, repeat it.- No focal point. Try not to create one item that stands out over anything else. Let all of your pieces share the attention.Check out our Culinary Exchange Board on Pinterest for examples of these suggestions.