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Beverage Director Evan Faber gave us a few simple steps to coordinate the perfect pairings
• Match the structure of the drink to the structure of the dish
• Think of the flavors of the drink as a second sauce
• Keep the region of the ingredients in mind – what grows together goes together

Organic Watermelon Radish with Plugrá and Sea Salt

Drink: That’s Cherry – The strong citrus and fruit flavors contrast the earthy radishes and the saltiness of the anchovies in the butter. Get the Recipe.

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc – Look for a light French option or a very dry Riesling

Beer: India Pale Ale (IPA) – These are light in body with lots of hops and citrus notes

Homemade Fettuccine with Plugrá Ricotta Sauce

Mixed Drink: The Honey Bee Collins. We’ve used a local mellow Honey Vodka, playing off the flavors that are grown in the Colorado region. Get the Recipe.

Wine: Pinot Gris for its creaminess. We like to pair this with something from the new world, versus the old – Try a Pinot Gris from Oregon

Beer: Amber for its creamy, rich soft flavor

Chai Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Mixed Drink: Piece O’Cake. We like to look at drinks that complement instead of contrast the flavors in this dessert. This drink recreates the cake in a glass. Get the Recipe.

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc with late harvest flavor notes

Beer: The beer pairing needs to be sweeter than the dessert itself. Tip: Take a dark beer and add a shot of your favorite liqueur

Summer is really heating up, even in Colorado. Chef Kidd created this menu to be enjoyed outside in the summer with friends and family around you. The name of the game at SALT is repurposed and local materials. Start by looking around your house for items to create a fun table setting. Or head to a local flea market or antique shop for items to use for your Colorado Cuisine Gourmet Club gathering. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.• Place settings
• Mismatched glasses and dishes are great – this adds to the character of the meal
• Old vinyl record covers for placemats
• Use cordial glasses and a single bloom with a name card propped in front for name cards
• Centerpiece ideas
• Stack hardback books artfully – classic titles or rich hues will work
• Use old tins or cans to hold flower arrangements – buy your flowers at your local farmers market
• Reach into your closet for old (or not-so-old) scarves to use as table runners or to add a splash of color to a display
• Go for bold color themes by using bright table cloths, placemats or napkins – intense patterns are good, too
• Architectural Salvage (reclaimed wood, industrial fixtures)
• Use an old chalk board for the menu
• Old mirrors as serving trays