Soirées and Celebrations

Chic Showers

Mango Cake

Every celebration should be as delightful as this decadent cake.

Celebrate the special brides-to-be or mothers-to-be in your life by honoring them with a sophisticated shower. Put this Fare with Flair secret to work for any social affair you plan this season—

  • Buttercream is a beautiful and flavorful way to decorate or fill a variety of cakes. From raspberry mango to lemon-mint to ginger, velvety buttercream can take on any flavor you imagine. Creating it with Plugrá® European-Style Butter is the secret to unbelievable butter flavor and a more substantial frosting that withstands humidity better
Perfect Pairings
  • Delight guests with uniquely refreshing Green Tea Lemonade
  • Create posh ice cubes by freezing raspberries, blackberries, or grapes. Add them to individual glasses or your punchbowl without fear of watering down the beverages
  • Let guests add a little bubbly to the punch or juices you’re serving. Put a couple of bottles of champagne on ice and let guests add it to their glasses. That way, people who prefer something nonalcoholic won’t have to compromise


Décor and Atmosphere

Bridal or Baby Shower

  • Create a unique centerpiece display using fruits and flowers. Let one of these ideas inspire you—
    • Group pears together and tuck small bundles of flowers between them
    • Place a branch from a flowering tree, such as a dogwood, in the center of the table
    • Display a spring arrangement in a pretty pitcher or watering can and give it to the guest of honor after the shower

Bridal Shower

  • Fill paper cones with small arrangements or rose petals and hang them anywhere decoration is needed. To make a bigger impact, hang wide ribbon as you would a garland and pin several cones to it. For a personal touch, affix a monogrammed sticker to the front of each cone
  • For favors, give each guest a seed packet tied with ribbon and an attached tag that says, “Love is in Bloom”

Baby Shower

  • Hang a “clothesline” made of thick twine. Using clothespins, hang up a few onesies and give them to the guest of honor when the shower concludes
  • For favors, give each guest a seed packet tied with ribbon and an attached tag that says, “Celebrating a Beautiful New Life”
Menu and Place Cards

Whether you’re hosting a sit-down affair or a buffet-style gathering, a posted menu is always appreciated by guests. Feature a menu for your shower in a simple frame with our bridal shower or baby shower menu template.

For sit-down soirees, use our themed templates for bridal shower or baby shower place cards.


Bridal Shower
Background music might include specific songs you know the guest of honor enjoys, or you could simply create a playlist that embodies the spirit of the occasion, including classics such as “I Enjoy Being a Girl,” or “Tea for Two.”

Baby Shower
Create a musical backdrop to the shower that celebrates baby with songs such as “Baby Love” by The Supremes or “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher.

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