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Experience for yourself the masterful results that can be achieved with Plugrá European-Style Butter with these specialized demonstration videos.

Some of the most impressive culinary masters insist on using Plugrá® European-Style Butter to ensure superior results in every masterpiece. Slow-churned for less moisture with the optimal 82% butterfat, Plugrá is the secret to richer, creamier sauces, flakier pastries, higher cakes, sizzling sautés, and flavorful presentation.

Product Information
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Plugrá Retail Product Sheet
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Plugrá Foodservice Product Sheet
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Professional Affiliations


The American Culinary Federation (ACF), the nation’s premier organization for professional chefs and cooks, has awarded Plugrá European-Style Butter the prestigious ACF Seal of Approval. Plugrá Salted, Unsalted, and Clarified products were tested in a variety of applications including soups, sauces, appetizers, entrees, side dishes, baked goods, and flavored butter. After passing the ACF test with distinction, all products were endorsed by the ACF’s Seal of Approval Committee.

Certified Executive Chef James Taylor, who chairs the committee, applied the organization’s rigorous testing criteria to all three varieties of Plugrá, evaluating the butters for consistency, performance, adaptability to various cooking situations (for format consistency) and accuracy of labels and marketing materials.

The American Culinary Federation, Inc., established in 1929, has nearly 20,000 members spanning more than 230 chapters nationwide. The organization offers educational resources, training, apprenticeships and accreditation for professional chefs. In addition, the ACF operates the most comprehensive certification program for chefs in the United States and is home to the ACF Culinary Team USA.


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Established in 1995, The French Pastry School in Chicago is owned and operated by internationally acclaimed pastry chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sebastien Canonne, MOF. It offers instruction from renowned instructors based on the artist-apprentice model that has been in operation in Europe for hundreds of years. It is through the constant exposure to, and observation of, master chefs that students learn their craft.

This premier international institution of pastry arts education places supreme importance on superb instruction, superior equipment, and top quality ingredients. Plugrá is among the top quality ingredients used as the preferred butter of The French Pastry School.

The school instructs over one thousand students and pastry professionals each year and offers three main programs: L’Art de la Pâtisserie, a full-time 24-week pastry and baking certificate program; L’Art du Gâteau, The Professional Cake Baking and Decorating Program, a full-time 16-week certificate program; and Continuing Education courses, 3- to 5-day long classes year-round for professionals as well as food enthusiasts.